Tekload LLC “A software consulting and placement organization providing array of services across industries for all your IT needs” CONTACT US Tekload LLC “A software consulting and placement organization providing array of services across industries for all your IT needs” CONTACT US

Dedicated consulting and placement organization providing data management, analysis and reporting services to clients across various industries

Trusted IT advisor and partner to small-to-medium (SME) enterprises and federal government

Decades of data management expertise within grasp

Challenges of rapid IT evolution made easy

About Us

Tekload is a highly specialized consulting and placement firm providing data management, analysis and reporting services to our valued clients. Since 2012, we have been on a mission to ease the pains of having to deal with complex software and data related challenges that prevents companies from focusing on their core objectives.

We are a WBENC (Women Business Enterprise National Council) certified team.

Tekload LLC

Data Warehousing

Tekload can help you design a customized enterprise data warehouse, that pulls data from multiple data sources, create organized data-marts for reporting and Data Analysis, as well as integration with ERP and CRM system.


Cloud Migration

Tekload can help you migrate to cloud database solutions such as Microsoft’s Azure DBs or Amazon AWS.



Tekload can design backup and recovery strategies, alert systems, performance optimization, data pipelines, disaster recovery plans, and security management. We can help you have an organized environment geared toward optimum efficiency


Data Reporting

Tekload can build custom reports in SQL Server Reporting Services which can be scheduled and delivered to your mailbox each morning

Management Services

Tekload will be handle database project management, budgets, staffing and vendor management.  We can supervise a team dedicated to the implementation of data systems.


A tech empowered society with businesses and institutions that operate efficiently and that possess the technological agility to adequately handle evolving needs


To help businesses and institutions reach the next level of operational efficiency by leveraging our multi-decade long expertise to design, develop, and execute powerful IT solutions that will pave the way for a sustained competitive advantage


We have lived by the 3 central values since day 1 of our existence:


We absolutely understand that data and technology are among the critical pillars of any organization and therefore treat all our endeavors with the seriousness they deserve.


We commit to delivering the highest value to our clients in all circumstances, and we stay true to our words. Clients’ long-term satisfaction is paramount to us.


We exist for the sole purpose of making our clients more efficient, and we practice what we preach. We strive to become efficient ourselves by constantly innovating our ways and refining our knowledge.

We have served clients across several industries globally including:




Online Delivery




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